The Southern Coast 

Ilien – A single, well fortified province, Ilien hosts a powerful wizard s its regent. Though much smaller then it's neighbors, it's widespread magical holdings allow it to influence events far beyond its scant borders. A great friend, or a terrible enemy, as any wizard can be, Ilien strives to keep it independence, both from its immediate neighbors, and Diemed, whom it broke from some years ago.

Roesone – Long split from Diemed, Roesone has grown into it's own power, and while it largely wishes to be left to its own devices, sadly the politics of the region have Roesone as a leader and guardian of Illien and Medoere, sibling domains who also broke from Diemed during its recent decline. They in turn reinforce Roesone's sovereignty and aid its defenses against larger foes such as Ghoere

Aerenwe – Half of this domain is well developed, even urbanized. The other half is an all but untouched forest holding great reserves of magical potential. The forest is guarded by an ancient elf blooded mage who keeps the woods in pristine condition. While both fall under the aegis of Aerenwe's crown, they take great pains to have as little impact on the Fae-touched woods as possible. 

Mieres – While not technically on the same continent, it is a short trip across the Straits of Arele to this guild run province. Many Anuirien customs fall away to greed, as coin is the real ruler of this land, which certainly harbors no few criminals and pirates who fled their sentences to hide among the rest of the scum that throng in this realm. For all this, Mieres remains a stable, if aloof realm and could be a great ally to the southern coast if only it could be persuaded to (a factor made difficult as Prince Darien Avan claims it as a vassal state for Avanil).. 

The Spiderfell – Home to the ancient goblin Awnshelign the Spider, this infested forest blights the Heartlands and Southern Coast both. Though it is a single province it has proven an all but unassailable warren of trees and webs, filled with an unimaginable number of both Goblins and giant spiders. Most neighboring realms have resigned themselves to it's existence and do their best to hold their armies in readiness for the next inevitable raid. The Mid-winter raids that resulted in the Respite Massacre have left many living at the edge of the woods quite uneasy, however.

Diemed – Once the largest kingdom on the Southern Coast, controlling lands as far east as Roesone, over the last several decades a series of bad decisions and revolts have seen Diemed's star waning down to a mere six provinces. That said, they are some of the most developed provinces in the region and give Diemed the strength to still attempt to reclaim what it has lost. 

The Western Coast

Talinie – An embattled theocracy, Talinie is a realm forged by conflict, especially with the Five Peaks and Thurazor. Taline's southern neighbor is arguably much more dangerous, but currently Talinie is a vassal state of Boeruine and hopefully can trust in that relationship.

​​​​​​​Boeruine – One of the strongest claims on the Iron Throne in the realm, Archduke Aeric Boeruine believes he needs only to defeat Prince Darien Avan to prove his claim is great enough to hold the title of Emperor. True or not, much of Boeruine's focus is on his southern rival.

Taeghas – The Dukes of Taeghas have long been mages of no small reputation, and indeed Prince Darien Avan counts the Duke as his personal mage. With such a powerful neighbor so close at hand the Duke of Taeghas is wise to bend the knee for now, but it is not as if the trade in power is unfair, for as much as Taeghas sacrifices to Prince Avan's authority, their Duke gains  almost complete dominion over what magical riches Avanil itself holds.

Brosengae – Another vassal state of Prince Darien Avan, Brosengae is a guilder's domain and well situated to take advantage of the highly civilized regions that neighbor it. Presumed to be one of Prince Avan's primary tools of espionage, so far no accusations have been able to stick. 

RhuobheRhuobhe the Manslayer holds the province that bears his name against all comers. Many elven domains are dangerous for humans to set foot in, but Rhuobhe is the most aggressive, commonly raiding the populated neighboring lands around his own. Thus far no one has proved able to defeat the ancient elven Awnshelighen in battle.

The Heartlands

Avanil – Perhaps the mightiest of the fractured Anuirien kingdoms, Avanil is held by Prince Darien Avan, and is ruled with a strong hand. While young, old imperial blood runs strong in the Prince, and under his guidance his domain has prospered. Though he still has rivals to contend with, Avan's confidant ambitions would see him seated on the Iron Throne and crowned the first emperor in 500 years. Though his army is mighty, his pockets deep and his influence vast enough to make most other regents weep, it would only take a single error in judgement for his biggest rival, the Archduke of Boeruine, to turn the tables.  

​​​​​​​The Imperial City of Anuire – The heart of the old Empire, to this day it remains a center of culture and wealth in these lands, and while it sits in Avanil, it is ruled separately. Held by the Chamberlain Caliedhe Dosiere, until a new emperor proves worthy of The Iron Throne. Held by the best trained guards in all the realm, and protected by a fortress with no equal, the Imperial City stands as a glowing testament to the might and nobility of days long past, and an inspiration to those who would restore Anuire to it's former glory. 

Endier – A single province on the surface, Endier is actually the heart of a widespread guild empire, and holds influence in several neighboring realms. Ruled by the clever Guilder Kalien, Endier is a place where anything might be for sale, especially information. Endier would make for an invaluable ally, if any could trust it's regent. As it stands, the single province is well fortified and it's defenders well supported by gold and magic, should the need arise. While far from impregnable, it is enough to give many pause when a dealing with the guilder goes awry. 

Tuornen – Tournen has problems the way a crow has feathers. There are so many of  them and they've been there so long it has become a way of life for the kingdom to navigate and balance it's untenable situation as best it can. The civil war between two brothers that split Tournen from Alame was a century ago, yet the matter remains tense and hostile, and both sides bear scars from the conflicts that followed. Tournen is also posed as a proxy ground for both Avanil and Boeriune to vie for dominance,in hopes that they may gain an advantage over the other. Tournen holds them in balance as best at it is able, but it is likened to standing between a lion and a bear. All this is to say nothing of the elf men call the Rhuobhe the Manslayer who sits on Tournen's border, and often tests the strength of their modest army. But perhaps their worst threat is from within, as it has long been suspected that Duke Gilgaed Flaertes has gone mad, suffering from increasingly infantile behavior after the death of his wife (murdered, it is widely believed, by an assassin in Tuornen's employ).

Alamie – An old realm, once holding the lands that are now Tournen in addition to it's current provinces. Though both Alamie despises it's rebellious neighbor and fights to reclaim it, both realms are in surprisingly similar situations. Alamie is also caught between two greater neighboring powers in Ghoere and Mhoried, and also has a steady source of raiders and aggravation from the Five Peaks. If Alamie can find it's feet it is well situated to influence the shape of Anuire to come, but at the moment the realm has numerous challenges to surmount before then. 

Mhoried – This powerful realms sits as a buffer between Anuire and the Gorgon's wrath. Mhoried holds itself in a constant state of military readiness, against not just the goblins of Markazor, but also the Five Peaks, and even Ghoere to the south (Though the latter has yet to attempt any invasion, hthe Baron of Ghoere's ambition remains a cause of concern to Mhoried). Mhoried tries to be a voice of reason and stability, asking other realms of Anuire to put aside their petty bickering and ambitions so that the realms of men may focus on what truly matters. So far, Anuire largely leaves Mhoried alone, for better, or more probably, for worse.

Ghoere – A brutal dictator, Ghoere actually has the audacity to make a claim on the Iron Throne, and an army to back it up. An aggressive expansionist, the Baron of Ghoere has galvanized neighboring realms into loose defense alliances. This defensive posture currently holds Ghoere at bay, but should any realm waver Ghoere could snap at the opportunity to claim another province or six. 

Elinie – This domain is held by a long-standing family of Khinasi paladins, and while they have become quite adept at Anurien traditions, they still bear the marks of their heritage in small ways. A noble land, and a welcome ally to amy upstanding domains and those who worship Avanalae.

The Northern Marches

Dhoesone – The last gasp of Anuirian civilization in the face of the frozen north, Dhoesone is a realm mostly concerned with it's own affairs. Because of it's size and many difficulties the Dutchess of Dhoesone is largely concerned with keeping the domain running, and rarely makes a move outside of her own borders. Still, her overly friendly relations with the neighboring Elves of Tuarhievel and the Goblins of Thurazor give much cause for concern to the rest of Anuire.

Thurazor – Arguably the most stable goblin realm in all of Anuire, Thurazor may be a rowdy goblin cesspool, but it hasn't had a bloody coup in years and does enough steady business with neighboring human realms that it keeps its coffers full. 

The Five Peaks – Less a single realm then a blood-soaked pile of rocks with a name on them. In the Five Peaks might makes right, and the regents of any given province might not last the week. Bandits, Goblins, Orogs,  and any others bloody-minded enough to try are constantly waging ruthless feuds  with each other. The end result is a lawless hive of scum and villainy, and a common source for both bandits and mercenaries to neighboring realms. Often, the two can be very difficult to tell apart. 

Cariele – A realm where the guilds hold a heavy influence on their Duke, Cariele has a callous reputation. Though this puts many off of holding close ties with the small domain, Cariele is strategically located to be a great help or hindrance in times of trouble. That it is a wealthy realm, with far reaching influence should also be considered. 

Tuarhievel – an Enigmatic Elven domain, Tuarhievel is a curious realm. It's regent has held court with both human traders and Rhuobhe the Manslayer, if rumors are to be believed. All sides are heard and the merits weighed. Ultimately, few can say how Tuarhievel will react to just about anything, though they are pressured by the proximity of the [[Gorgon's Crown]] and likely in need of strong friends in the near future. 

Markazor, Mur-Kilad – Though these realms are bitter rivals, and home to two different species, they serve the same purpose. Both the Goblins of Markazor and the Dwarves of Mur-Kilad are puppet states of the Gorgon, and serve as a buffer between him and anyone brave enough to assault him. The Gorgon hardly has to lift a finger to keep the two of them from bickering among themselves, making them that much easier for him to control.

The [[Gorgon's Crown]] – The seat of the Gorgon's power, this realm looms over the rest of Anuire, and is an ever-present threat. Sprawling across hostile terrain, this realm holds all manner of beastmen, goblins, and even some dwarves and giants loyal to the Gorgon, to say nothing of his well trained army. But what truly keeps any ruler today from daring an assault is the knowledge that no one has given it's regent a challenge since the empire fell at his hands 500 years ago, when he murdered their last Emperor. 

The Eastern Marches

Osoerde – A modern lesson to young regents, Osoerde shows you how important it is to choose your lieutenants wisely. When the previous regent passed, his second in command – Jaison Raenech – usurped the realm from the rightful heir William Mergen. The displaced Duke now roams as a fugitive in his own homeland, looking for noble souls willing to aid him in reclaiming his birthright. 

Coeranys – The farthest east of the largely civilized chain of Anuirien domains that run the southern coastline, Coeranys is stuck as a buffer state between the many human realms and the ''Iron Peaks'', a stretch of badlands and mountains contested by the Dwarves of Baruk-Azhik and the Awnsheiglin known as the Chimaera. For it's part Coeranys makes the best of its precarious situation, and largely wishes to be left in peace.

The Sielwode – A dangerous place for humans to wander, the Sielwode is home to Elves and Fae folk alike, and outsiders are rarely welcome. Though not actively hostile to neighboring realms, many attempts at diplomacy from other Anuirian realms have only resulted in dead messengers. 

Baruk-Azhik – An isolationist Dwarven realm, Baruk-Azhik strongly believes in it's own self reliance and keeps it distance from the politics of the human nations around it. 

The Chimaeron – A Dangerous and wild place, the Chimaeron is held in the cruel talons of an Awnsheghlien sorceress, though rumors tell of some other power rising to contest the creature's control of these battered holdings.


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