Tara, the black princess

A gorgeous elf with raven black hair and ebony skin


Called one of the most beautiful women of her age, the raven-haired Tara of Anuire was the victim of a god’s desires.. When Prince Raesene sought to make her his own, she spurned him, so he appealed to Azrai, his god, for aid. Azrai desired that Raesene beget an imperial line, so he lent him a measure of his divine aura, with which Raesene bent Tara to his will. Although Raesene had bent her, he had not broken her, and she nursed her hatred of him for centuries.

Virtually no word has been spoken of her in the centuries since Deismaar; conjecture has it that Tara escaped the Gorgon during his ill-fated expedition into the Aelvinnwode over two centuries ago. What she has done since that time, no one knows, for the world thought her dead until very recently, when she arrived in Tuarhievel.

When a pair of assassins, sent presumably by the gheallie Side, tried to murder Savane, the Black Princess was the one who foiled the attempt on Savane’s life, slaying the assassins in the process. When Savane asked her rescuer to remain as her personal bodyguard, Tara demurred. She revealed her identity, offered instead to be her ally, and waited for Savane’s reaction. Savane, after overcoming her initial disbelief and surprise, reluctantly agreed. The two women have spent much time in secret discussion since then. Few know what it is they talk about, but it seems certain that Savane’s mistrust of Tara dwindles with time.

The Black Princess’s arrival in Tuarhievel and her subsequent declaration of alliance with Savane has thrown the domain into even more disarray than did Fhileraene’s investiture of Savane. Many of the elven families do not believe that the woman is really Tara, although few are willing to test her temper, considering how easily she destroyed the assassins sent to kill Savane. Others, believing that the ebony-skinned woman is who she claims, see Savane’s alliance with her as an alliance with the Gorgon himself. Tara appears unconcerned with these speculations, for she does nothing to alleviate those fears. Perhaps Savane knows Tara’s ultimate goals and reasons for aiding her, but she has chosen to respect Tara’s desire for privacy. Thus, no one else knows whether to trust the Black Princess.

Tara, the black princess

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