Siebharrinn of House Sideath

dull black hair, pale blue eyes, ash gray skin, and angular facial features


Siebharrinn is the lord of a part of the province of Sideath in what is now the realm of the Gorgon. Although Sideath technically belongs to the Gorgon, a small but strategically important valley once called Mar-Kilean (“The Vale”) prevents even the Gorgon’s rule: no power other than that of Siebharrinn holds sway.

The province was once part of Tuarhievel, but when the Gorgon invaded Tuarhievel two hundred years ago (Year 4,497), he wrested Sideath from the elves - the only territory he could claim from the ill-fated expedition (and the victory was a costly one). The Gorgon sent in regiments of goblins from the mountain provinces of Abattoir and Stone’s End. These regiments heavily outnumbered the pitifully few defenders remaining in Sideath, for most of its warriors were occupied fighting the Gorgon’s armies in Cymyr. Even Siebharrinn’s magical power could not overcome the invaders.

Desperate to save his home and his people, Siebharrinn called upon powers best left undisturbed. Through a grueling ordeal lasting several days, he summoned the power of shadow, opening a rift into the shadow world that he has been since unable to close completely. When the ritual was over, no creature was left alive in the vale. Plants were unaffected, but not a single animal, goblin, or elf was left. There was no remains to even suggest that a battle had ever occurred, and no sound of any creature could be heard anywhere. Only Siebharrinn escaped this fate, but he was no longer the person he once was; the ritual had irrevocably changed him.

From that day on, the mage existed in both the real world and the shadow world. The forces he unleashed have turned him into a creature neither living nor dead. Many scholars have speculated that he has become a sort of lich, while others refer to him as a ghost. His hair is a dull black, his eyes are a pale blue, and his ash gray skin and angular features further accentuate the starkness of his appearance. Since the battle he has lived alone in this valley, now called Lychgate by the elves of Tuarhievel. He wanders the streets of its empty village, climbing its hills and listening in vain for a sound of a single bird. As a daily reminder of what he has done, all he can detect is the sibilant whispers of the trees.

The elves of Tuarhievel view him with revulsion, and the armies of the Gorgon are utterly terrified of him and his realm. Even the Gorgon himself is not sure what powers Siebharrinn has at his disposal; every scouting expedition he has ordered since the battle 200 years ago has disappeared. No animal will come near the valley; only the most foolhardy people will attempt to enter this haunted place.

Siebharrinn wants only for others to leave him alone. He will not tolerate soldiers of the Gorgon’s army entering the vale, nor will he allow the elves of Tuarhievel in his valley, for he considers them responsible for the forces he had to unleash to save his homeland. He has had no contact with his people since the battle.

It is difficult to say how old Siebharrin is. Being one of the most powerful mages of Cerilia, it is certainly possible that he was alive during the golden age. Could he have meet with Braelachiem, or fought against the Humanoid uprising? We have no real indication of what his opinions were of humans before his province fell.

Unfortunately there is no indication in any written record for how old he truly is. The oldest elves who remember the glory days tell stories, but with time those stories become exaggerated. One would have to ask Siebharrin himself to find the truth.

Siebharrinn of House Sideath

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