A short, well-muscled woman with long blonde hair


Savane is the daughter of Shaene Mhoried and is the favorite niece of the Mhor. Although only 23 years old, she possesses a keen mind that gives her insights that others need decades to develop. She is small of build but well-muscled, and she usually wears her long, blond hair free of ornament.

Savane saw elves for the first time when she was twelve years old. An embassy of elves from Tuarhievel, led by Prince Fhileraene, came to her uncle’s court to visit and to discuss various matters of state. Like most Anuirean children, she had learned some of the legends of Cecilia that, in a happier time, the Sidhelien had told to the humans. These tales had always delighted her, and she became fascinated with elves.

A year ago, when Savane learned that Mhoreid guilders were sending a trade mission to Tuarhievel through the guilds in Cariele, she disguised herself as a caravan scout and went along. The tales she had heard as a child, however, could not prepare her for what she found in Tuarhievel. She discovered s people once passionate and aloof, courteous and mocking, delightful and dangerous.

Savane was introduced to Fhileraene by the leader of the merchants from Cariele, and she and Fhileraene became very close over the course of the next year. Their relationship was looked upon by the elves of Tuarhievel as nothing more than an affair. They were taken completely by surprise, therefore, when Fhileraene announced that Savane had agreed be his consort and was pregnant with their child. Many of the older elves were saddened by their prince’s decision, for they knew the heartache that inevitably follows when one of the immortal Sidhelien loves a human. Others were outraged that Fhileraene should risk his immortal bloodline in a liaison with a human. House Tuarlachiem was particularly vehement in its rejection of Savane; it remains her principal enemy.

Throughout the storm of reaction to her lover’s announcement, Savane has maintained her calm. Nothing could prepare her, however, for the responsibilities she inherited as a result of the Gorgon’s imprisonment of Fhileraene.

Only three months ago, Fhileraene announced that Savane had agreed to become his consort; to her, this seems a lifetime. Now, she is alone in a strange and hostile land. She misses Fhileraene terribly, but for the sake of her child’s birthright, she will not give in to despair. Few of the elves of Tuarhievel know her, and her enemies believe they can scare her away from the Thorn Throne. They misjudge her. She did not ask for the responsibility of pulling Tuarhievel in Fhileraene’s absence, but since she has been chosen to do so, rule she will. Any lingering doubts she harbored vanished when the Thorn Throne accepted her as the legitimate ruler to Tuarhievel.


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