Rhuimach Taeline


Rhuimach Taeline is a scion of House Tuarlachiem, but is not welcome by its current matriarch. Rhuimach’s father became enamored with a human noblewoman from Dhoesone. Rhuimach was born in Dhoesone and came to Tuarhievel as a young boy to learn of his father’s people. Rhuandice was enraged that her son brought a a half-breed into her household, but Queen Ilbecoris took a liking to him. He became her ward in Tuaranreigh. She sent him to Gylvain Taeline to learn the path of the Taelinri. He spent many years in study, and 20 years ago was the first half-elf to become a taelinir.By tradition, he gave up his last name and adopted Taeline instead.

Ibelcoris had meant for Rhuimach to become an adviser to her son, Prince Fhileraene. Rhuimach’s cousin, Llytha Damaan, feared that the half-breed would try to steer Fhileraene toward a more conciliatory stance toward humans. so he engineered his cousin’s banishment by falsely accusing him of the murder of a human trade delegation. Embarrassed by the incident but unwilling to accept that Rhuimach could have done such a thing, despite the evidence presented against him, Fhileraene ordered him to leave Tuarhievel within a day.

Rhuimach spent the last decade in Dhoesone, using his tactical skills to keep the inhabitants of the Giantdowns at bay.

Rhuimach Taeline

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