Rhuandice Tuarlachiem

A proud elven captain


Rhuandice Tuarlachiem has devoted her life to defending against incursions into the Aelvinnwode. She has spent centuries tracking down and killing any who despoil the forest. To her, the Aelvinnwode belongs to the elves, and only the Sideline can be trusted to protect the forest from harm. The humans have deforested most of the southern half of the continent, and still they come. Treaties with them are worthless, for they cannot be trusted to honor their agreements. They must receive equal punishment for what they destroy; it is the only way they will learn.

Rhuandice hates humans, but she reserves her greater hatred for goblins and other evil humanoids. For years she was Tuarhievel’s chief war captain. When humanoids from the Gorgon’s crown or Markhazor raided into Tuarhievel, Rhuandice led the reprisals against them. She trapped the raiders from the Gorgon’s Crown in valleys and ambushed them from the high ground. She even led her soldiers into Markhazor, where they put entire villages and encampments to the sword.

Rhuandice’s enemies saw her as some sort of avenging spirit. She soon learned, however, that her efforts to defend Tuarhievel were being undermined. When Queen Ibelcoris began opening Tuarhievel’s borders to humans, she erased all of Rhuandice’s accomplishments. Rhuandie began to secretly summon warriors to her, and together, they reformed the gheallie Sidhe.Since then, she has directed her considerable energies against human incursions into Tuarhievel. To her, the ultimate insult came when Fhileraene placed a human upon the Thorn Throne. Rhuandice considers it her duty to erase that stain upon elven honor.

Rhuandice Tuarlachiem

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