Llytha of House Damaan

A clever elf aristocrat and the head of House Damaan


Among the most vocal of Savane’s opponents is the scion of House Damaan, Llytha Damaan, who had been Prince Fhileraene’s most trusted companion for centuries. From the time they played together as children, they were nearly inseparable. They learned magic under the same teacher, studied the business of stagecraft together, and fought side by side in defense of Tuarhievel. When Fhileraene ascended the Thorn Throne, it was only natural that his friend Llytha Damaan become his chief counsel.

Now it is whispered by some that Llytha himself made the deal with the Gorgon that resulted in Fhileraene’s capture and imprisonment. Anyone who knows him scoffs at this ridiculous idea, for no one loved the prince more than Llytha did, and no one wept more than Llytha when Fhileraene departed for the Gorgon’s Crown. But the rumors persist.

Nearly everyone expected that the prince would invest Llytha with his bloodline before he gave himself over to the Gorgon. No one was more shocked than Llytha when Fhileraene invested Savane instead. Perhaps, rumor said, Fhileraene realized at the last moment that his best friend was his betrayer. By investing Savane, rumor argued, the prince cheated the Gorgon of his blood theft and Llytha of the consummation of his ambition.

But how can Llytha have been the one who did such a terrible thing? Who had been a loyal and true companion to the prince since they were children? Who dragged the prince out from under the furious blow of the prog champion at the battle for Cymyr? And who took those wounds upon himself instead, nearly dying as a result? But then consider, who it is who seems likely to gain the most from Fhileraene’s imprisonment?

Llytha has mare it his chief goal to remove Savane from the throne. He is tireless in his efforts to awaken opposition to her rule. He portrays her as an evil seductress bent on destroying Tuarhievel. When asked for proof, he points to the timely arrival of Tara as Savane’s protector as evidence that the two conspired to remove Fhileraene from the Thorn Throne as a precursor to an attack on Tuarhievel by their master, the Gorgon. Many listen to him Not enough are yet in his camp to see that justice is done, but soon, he insists, soon. His good friends from House Tuarlachiem will only help him bring about the usurper’s downfall, for who better to defend the realm than those who truly understand the culture and ancient traditions of Tuarhievel?

Llytha of House Damaan

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