Helaene Dosiere

A fierce and cunning, middle-aged woman


Helaene Dosiere is the Chancellor of Dhoesone. She is a distant cousin of, Caliedhe Dosiere.

Her eldest son is William Riven, her daughter is Laudine Riven, and her younger son is Taliesin Riven, and her youngest son is Frieman Riven. Her late husband is Anphelan Riven.

Helaene is an unexceptional looking middle aged woman whose mild exterior hides one of the most ferocious intellects in the north. Helaene knows everyone who is everyone, the cultural niceties of every hamlet of the realm – and most of its neighbors. Helaene is always busy flitting from this business to that without pause, but nevertheless she is calm personified, legendary for somehow finding the time to plan for every eventuality, and Fhiele’s most trusted and loyal servant.

Helaene spent her youth in the City of Anuire, learning the intricacies of the greatest court of all Anuire at the side of her distant cousin, Caliedhe Dosiere the Chamberlain. Helaene’s eldest son serves the Mhor as adviser, her daughter currently acts as chaperone/adviser to the troublesome Aubrae Avan and her second son is a rising star in the Western Imperial Temple. The black sheep of this otherwise renowned family is her youngest son Frieman who turned his back on the family years ago and is said to have become a brigand – or even to serve the Gorgon! Those who repeat this last rumor will however soon learn to regret their folly – Helaene has many friends and while she will merely stiffly ignore those who mention Frieman, others of the court are far less forgiving. Helaene’s husband died years ago in a mysterious hunting accident that Helaene refuses to speak of.

Helaene keeps track of the many and varied ploys of the guilds to minimize the disruption caused to the barony by their feuds. She also advises Fhiele on diplomatic missions, and watches over protocol for the court. Fhiele often jokes that if Helaene took a holiday the barony would collapse within 3 days, Helaene simply laughs and says that she will rest when her tasks are done.

While Fhiele and some others fear that the guilds might seek to harm Helaene, Helaene herself fears Fhiele’s reaction should she be harmed more – Fhiele may look near human to observers, but Helaene knows the depths of the elven passion in Fhiele’s soul, and fears that one day Fhiele will be consumed by elven rage and lead troops to end the guildwars with fire and sword – something which could lead to a civil war that would consume the realm.

Helaene Dosiere

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